Docket Sheet

Kathleen Gallagher and Gallagher Giancola, LLC v. Bucks County

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2021-2528
Case Status: Partially Granted/Partially Denied



Eilers, Blake


Request sought records related to the 2020 general election. Agency provided a link to a responsive record on appeal. Certain Items of the Request are sufficiently specific to enable the agency to respond, but other Items are insufficiently specific under Section 703 of the RTKL. Granted in part, denied in part, and dismissed as moot in part.

Clause Exemption Result
Agency Invoked an Extension The agency invoked a 30 day extension to respond to the request.
Requester Granted Extension to OOR The requester granted the OOR a 30, 60, or 90 day extension to issue a final determination in the appeal.
Docket Entries
Filed Description Step Court Document
01/14/2022 OOR Final Determination Final Determination
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