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David Bayne v. Lower Burrell City

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2022-1011
Case Status: Petition for Reconsideration



Lara, Lois


Requester sought to conduct an in person review and to duplicate one page of the City Police's Policy and Procedure Manual City granted the in person review under certain conditions and would not permit the page to be duplicated under the Copyright Act The City did not prove the record is protected by the Copyright Act Denied in part and granted in part

Clause Exemption Result
Statute/Law Refer to other superseding law/statute Partially Granted
Docket Entries
Filed Description Step Court Document
06/02/2022 OOR Grant of Petition for Reconsideration Petition for Reconsideration
05/27/2022 Agency Petition for Reconsideration Petition for Reconsideration
05/26/2022 OOR Final Determination Final Determination
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