Final Determination Record

Pysher v. Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Company No. 1

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2017-0403
Case Status: Remanded


Volunteer Fire Company is a local agency subject to the RTKL. Agency did not meet its burden of proving that the records are exempt from disclosure. Granted.

  • Refer to other section of RTKL
  • Section 708(a) - Agency Failed to meet burden

Filings Received by OOR
Filed Adjudicator Description or File Name Document
03/31/2017 2017-0403_Pysher-ClintonTwpVolFireCo _FD.pdf
04/24/2017 Lycoming Court of Common Pleas Fire Company filed Petition for Review
06/19/2017 Lycoming Court of Common Pleas Agency (Fire Company) filed Brief
07/13/2017 Lycoming Court of Common Pleas Requester (Todd Pysher) filed Brief
05/08/2019 Commonwealth Court Court Order Remanding to CCP
06/13/2019 Lycoming Court of Common Pleas CCP Court Order Remanding to OOR