Final Determination Record

American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania (ACLU) and Andrew Christy v. Pennsylvania State Police

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2017-0593
Case Status: Pending in Supreme Court


Request sought a social media investigatory policy. Agency did not demonstrate that the records are likely to jeopardize public safety. Granted.

  • Section 708(b)(2) - jeopardizes or threatens public safety or preparedness or public protection activity
  • Section 708(a) - Agency Failed to meet burden

Filings Received by OOR
Filed Adjudicator Description or File Name Document
07/07/2017 2017-0593_ACLU_PaStatePolice_FD.pdf
08/04/2017 Commonwealth Court Agency, Pa State Police, filed Petition for Review
08/07/2017 Commonwealth Court Court issued Notice of Filing
09/14/2017 Commonwealth Court OOR Certified Record
10/24/2017 Commonwealth Court Agency filed Brief
04/02/2018 Commonwealth Court Court Order re In Camera records
04/03/2018 Commonwealth Court OOR Supplemental CR
05/18/2018 Commonwealth Court Court Opinion Reversing OOR
06/19/2018 Supreme Court Requester filed Petition for Allowance of Appeal
12/03/2018 Supreme Court Court Order_Granting PAA