Final Determination Record

Clare v. Pennsylvania Department of State

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2017-1386
Case Status: Dismissed: Failure to State Grounds


Dismissed under section 1101. OOR lacks jurisdiction to expunge records.

  • Section 708(b)(1)(i) - result in the loss of Federal or State funds
  • Section 708(b)(1)(ii) - risk of physical harm to or the personal security of an individual
  • Section 708(b)(6)(i) - Personal identification information
  • Section 708(b)(6)(ii) - Name, position, salary, actual compensation or other payments or expenses, employment contract
  • Section 708(b)(6)(iii) An agency may redact the name or other identifying information relating to an individual performing an undercover or covert law enforcement activity from a record
  • Dismissed lack of jurisdiction

Filings Received by OOR
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07/17/2017 2017-1386_Clare_DeptState_FD.pdf