Final Determination Record

Falcetta v. Lawrence County

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2020-0318
Case Status: Denied: Dismissed


Request sought a memo, meeting minutes, and various related records. The Agency provided responsive records and proved that no additional records exist within the possession, custody or control of the agency. The Requester is not permitted to modify her Request on appeal. Denied in part and dismissed in part.

  • Request was deemed denied.
  • Records Do Not Exist
  • Not in Possession, Custody, or Control of Agency
  • Mediation Requested
  • The agency invoked a 30 day extension to respond to the request.
  • Dismissed as moot

Filings Received by OOR
Filed Adjudicator Description or File Name Document
03/26/2020 2020-0318_Falcetta_LawrenceCo_FD.pdf