Docket Sheet

Bethany Rodgers and Gannett v. Penncrest School District

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2023-0289
Case Status: Affirmed by Common Pleas



Higgins, Kathleen


Request sought emails between school board members and the superintendent and the Independence Law Center and PA Family Institute. The District did not prove that it conducted a good faith search and that no additional records exist. Granted.

Clause Exemption Result
Deemed Denial Request was deemed denied.
Records Do Not Exist Records Do Not Exist Granted
Requester Granted Extension to OOR The requester granted the OOR a 30, 60, or 90 day extension to issue a final determination in the appeal.
Docket Entries
Filed Description Step Court Document
05/17/2024 Court Opinion and Order Court Filing Court of Common Pleas (AD2023-275)
06/28/2023 OOR Certified Record Court Filing Court of Common Pleas (AD2023-275)
05/18/2023 Agency Petition for Review Court Filing Court of Common Pleas (AD2023-275)
04/21/2023 OOR Final Determination Final Determination
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