OOR PowerPoint Presentations

These files contain some of the PowerPoint presentations most recently used by our office for training. They are available for download and individual reference.

  • Aggregated Data: Data, Storage, and RTKL (PPTX, updated Mar. 2022)
  • Basics of the RTKL (PPTX, updated Jan. 2022)
  • Basics of the Sunshine Act (PPTX, updated Jan. 2022)
  • Laws That Protect Information (PPTX, updated Jan. 2022)
  • OOR 2021 Annual Training - RTKL & Sunshine Act (PPTX and PDF, updated Nov. 18, 2021)
  • OOR 2022 Annual Training - RTKL Basics, Tips, and Best Practices (PPTX and PDF, updated Nov. 14, 2022)
  • Records Management and Electronic Records Best Practices (PPTX, updated Mar. 2021)
  • RTKL for Law Enforcement (PPTX, updated Jan. 2022)
  • RTKL Payment Issues (PPTX, updated Jan. 2022)
  • RTKL for Requesters (PPTX, updated August 2020)
  • Submitting Evidence in an OOR Appeal (PPTX, updated Mar. 2022)

Even more PowerPoint presentations are available at the Open Records in Pennsylvania blog, maintained by the OOR's Executive Director, Liz Wagenseller.

More Training Resources