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Jeffrey Kay v. Bristol Township

OOR Dkt. No.: AP 2023-1586
Case Status: Transferred



Demiral, Berk


Requests sought keyword searches for any/all serves, computes electronic that access databases of the Township's police department for any and all communications, text, emails, reports, notes, files, records, tickets, warning, incident reports relating to the Requester and a specified address; any and all recordings and transcripts of 911 call and dispatch relay responding to complaint that named individuals were assaulting, screaming treats of violence, damaging property, and stating profanities at senior citizens and harassing the public; any and all video das, rear body cam from both responding units; any and all notes, reports, files, communications, tickets issued, charges pending; any and all inside recordings of both units; evidence collected, follow-up calls made or received, notes, and reports both officers kept; any and all comment or updates, addendums, statements, or corrections to report. The Township proved that the records responsive to Request 1 may relate to criminal investigations. The Township proved that some records responsive to Request 2 may relate to criminal investigations. Transferred in part. The Township proved that access to some records responsive to Request 2 are governed by Act 22 of 2017. The Township proved that some records responsive to Request 2 relate to 911 recordings and transcripts. The Township proved that some records are related to noncriminal investigations. Denied in part.

Clause Exemption Result
708 (b) (16) A record of an agency relating to or resulting in a criminal investigation, including: (i) Complaints of potential criminal conduct other than a private criminal complaint. (ii) Investigative materials, notes, correspondence, videos and reports. (iii) A r Transferred
708 (b) (17) A record of an agency relating to a noncriminal investigation, including: (i) Complaints submitted to an agency. (ii) Investigative materials, notes, correspondence and reports. (iii) A record that includes the identity of a confidential source, including Denied
708 (b) (18) (i) Records or parts of records, except time response logs, pertaining to audio recordings, telephone or radio transmissions received by emergency dispatch personnel, including 911 recordings. (ii) This paragraph shall not apply to a 911 recording, or a t Denied
Agency Invoked an Extension The agency invoked a 30 day extension to respond to the request.
Exempt under State statute or regulation Denied
Mediation Requested Mediation Requested
Requester Granted Extension to OOR The requester granted the OOR a 30, 60, or 90 day extension to issue a final determination in the appeal.
2023-1587 Jeffrey Kay v. Bristol Township
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09/18/2023 OOR Final Determination Final Determination
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