Commonly Misdirected Requests

Type of Record Correct Agency
Birth/Death Certificates Birth and death certificates can be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
Marriage Licenses Copies of marriage licenses can be obtained from the Register of Wills in the County where the marriage took place.
Divorce Records Records related to divorce proceedings can be obtained from the Prothonotary in the County where the divorce took place.
Ancestry Information There is no agency tasked with compiling this type of information. You need to file a separate request with the appropriate agency for each type of record you seek, i.e. birth certificate, death certificate marriage license, etc.
Records from a Criminal Proceeding Records related to a criminal proceeding can be obtained from the Clerk of Courts in the County where the proceeding took place.
Autopsy Information The cause and manner of death are available from the Coroner's Office in the County where the death occurred.
Property Records Certain records, such as deeds, can be obtained from the Recorder of Deeds in the County where the property is located. Other records, such as zoning records, permits, etc., can be obtained from the Municipality or Township where the property is located.
Criminal Background Checks Criminal background checks are conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police.
Salaries of Commonwealth Employees The salaries of Commonwealth employees are available via PENNWATCH.
Commonwealth Budget & Spending Information The Commonwealth Budget & Spending information is also available on PENNWATCH.
Environmental Assessment Records These records can often be obtained from the Township or Municipality where the property is located. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection may also possess certain records.
Licensing Information The Pennsylvania Department of State is responsible for licensing various entities, including nurses, cosmetologists, funeral home directors, etc and these documents can be obtained through the department's Right-to-Know procedures.
Docket Sheets Criminal and appellate docket sheets can be accessed through Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System webportal.
Contracts for Commonwealth Agencies Contracts involving Commonwealth agencies can be accessed at Pennsylvania's E-Contracts Library. Meanwhile, bidding and award information can be found on Pennsylvania's eMarketplace portal.
Unclaimed Property The Treasury Department maintains custody of unclaimed property until it is claimed by the rightful owner. Additional information regarding the types of unclaimed property maintained by the Treasury Department and to search a database of unclaimed property, you may visit the Unclaimed Property website.
Adoption Records The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services maintains the Pennsylvania Adoption Information Registry ("PAIR"). PAIR is a medical and social database for adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth relatives who would like to share or obtain medical or social history about themselves or their birth relatives. Additional information regarding this program is available on the PAIR website.
General Education Development (GED) Transcripts Information on how to obtain copies of GED transcripts can be requested from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
High School & College Transcripts Former students may request a copy of their academic transcript by contacting the educational institution they attended. Additional information about requesting academic transcripts of schools no longer in operation is available from the Department of Education.
For all other records: If you know the agency that would possess the records you seek, you can find its Registered Open Records Officer on the OOR's website.